Rma terms

If you are noticed any qualify error at the product, you must open rma status, from your customer panel.

You must open rma status at last in 7 days after you have been received the order.

Send us evidence, by form of photo or  video, what happened on your product, we will inspect  your case, and we will inform, if you are qualify rma terms.

Please note that we dont accept your rma, if you are broke yourself your product, or damaged it any way.

We can only certify shipping errors, or product musqualify errors. you must show us proof, that you have not broke product yourself.

If you are eligble rma status, we will informed you, as we inform our partner abt your product, as soon as we get refunded ourself from our partner, we can arrange your replacement product.

Our main acitivity is that we sending you an replacement item with our warranty terns, exacly same way as we get warranty terms from  printful is given to us.

Please make certain, that you have understood our return & refund terms & conditions.

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