delivery terms & Conditions

Thank you to showing interest to theme products.

When you order item your order will goes directly to  our shipping partner, what is named as printful, we do co-operations with them.

They will manufacturing your product and  pressing it, and shipped it to you directly.

We will inform your order directly, directly from our printing partner (Printful)

After you have created your order, and you have paid to us, we will process your order information to printing factory, to start making process.

This Stage normally takes 3-4 working days, after this we will get directly from our partner your unique tracking number.

Please note, that some cases, any products what have seperately to marked as custom order, this means, that your ordered themed product is longer shipment and processing time than normally, custom orders can take 3-4 weeks before they will delivered to end customer. if it so, it is clearly informed at the product description, if it has longer processing time than usual, as an “custom order”.

Any case we allways send you an order confirmation, and you will get your unique tracking code as soon it is instructed to us.

Tracking & Shipping:

Your order is possible to track online, but please note , it will not shown immediately on tracking systems, it can take 3-5  working days, before online tracking can collect information of your shipment.

Shipping time depending your international location, but mostly cases 3-4 weeks should be enought to deliver to package.

IIf some reason you will not receive your shipment, please contact us immediately, by via form, or email, so we can help with your case.

Customs & Taxes obligations:

Some countries might have customs & taxes involved in products, what are ordered by foreign country, but dont worry, you will get an invoice, and with it, you can clear your customs, we suggest that you find out your own country tax & customs obiligation, mostly it is your country tax precentage.

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